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When we set our relationship status to "it's complicated" do we mean that we feel as if we are in an aimless free fall? Well, that's what it means in Ephemeral - a game inspired by a rocky and complicated relationship.
Ephemeral first came to be earlier this year as members of our team worked together at the 2015 edition of the Global Game Jam, at the Institute for Digital Games, University of Malta. Brainstorming the theme of the Game Jam ("What do we do now?") led the group to develop a complex narrative around two epicene entities with opposing personalities. Ephemeral, an abstract game about relationships, was awarded the title of 'Most Unusual Game' by the judges, and also placed 3rd when the participants' votes were tallied. With tons of positive comments received during and after the event, the team decided to develop the concept further, extending gameplay to roughly 15 minutes.
Today, Ephemeral - developed in Unity, featuring full controller support, frame-by-frame animation, and strong elements of randomness - is available to download for free, with no in game purchases (we kid you not!). Aiming to portray our lives as a video game to which no manual exists, we want you to stumble blindly through the characters' lives, learning the game mechanics as you go along.

We've also submitted Ephemeral to Greenlight, so your vote will help us bring our game to a wider audience.

Ephemeral was released with the hope of attracting some financial support for the continued development of the first episode of Time Heist. We hope to be able to deliver this by the beginning of 2016, so if you enjoyed playing Ephemeral and would like to support us, you can contribute to our effort by donating!


Time Heist

Time Heist has been in development for two years, and is due to be released in 2015. It is a story-driven, point-and-click indie game, which is suitable for all audiences, and enjoyable to anyone who has ever wondered who his or her ancestors might have been. Be one of the first to play the game, meet the devs, and see what Time Heist is all about. Take part in our competitions and you might even end up as a character in the game. After all, we are often more similar to our ancestors than we would like to think...