A Man of Science? In Neolithic Times!

19th January 2016

Doing science back when science was not yet a thing! Read More

Progress or Preserve?

20th December 2015

Time Heist's Nidrag, protector of the wilds, has his say. Read More

Temple Age Tunes

13th December 2015

Time Heist game music to be representative of each era. Read More

Time Heist workshop at Malta Comic Con 2015

7th December 2015

Comics, cosplay, crowds... and us working at bringing you Malta's first adventure game! Read More

A warm welcome into the past.

30th November 2015

Meet Time Heist's friendly Shepherd! Read More

Script writing for Time Heist

22nd November 2015

There truly is more than meets the eye when writing a screenplay for an adventure game! Read More

The High Priest has spoken!

15th November 2015

Time Heist shows that prehistoric society is host to some bewildering characters. Read More

Design process preparations

8th November 2015

Step one: research. Step two: more research! Read More

Contemporary Companions

1st November 2015

A sneak peak at the characters populating present day Time Heist. Read More

Looking deeper into Time Heist

25th October 2015

This week, meet the game's protagonist, Mark! Read More


28th May 2015

No! No! It's not Time Heist guys ... still a bit more work to do there ... We will be releasing 'Ephemeral' - our creation for Global Game Jam 2015 Read More

Interactive Talks at the 2015 NSTF Science Expo

22nd March 2015

An afternoon of mole-whacking ... for science! Read More

Looking for new talent ...

22nd March 2015

5¼ Games is looking for a 2D environment artist to join our team! Read More

5¼ Games Launch New Website

21st March 2015

5¼ Games is launching its new website this weekend at the NSTF 2015 Science Expo. Read More

5¼ Games Interviewed at The Malta Comic Con

1st December 2014

Video Games, potatoes and some guys with a mic! Read More

Meet the team and view our game at the Malta Comic Con

29th November 2014

Malta Comic Con 2014 - St. James Cavalier, 29th - 30th November, 2014 Read More